Best Offline Android Play Music Apps – The advancement of information technology today makes it very easy for someone to access everything with just a smartphone. Including accessing entertainment such as videos and music online.

However, accessing videos and music online will take up a lot of internet quota so it is wasteful in spending. Therefore, there are still many users who choose to listen offline on their Android phones.

Here has summarized some offline music player applications that you can use for entertainment on your Android phone.

  1. AIMP.

AIMP is an offline music player application that supports various types of audio files. This application has an elegant and simple appearance so it is easy to use. This application also supports a complete equalizer feature.

  1. Black Player.

Black Player is an offline music player that is recommended for you to use and download on your cellphone. This application already supports a sophisticated UI system that can make it easier for users. This application can also play various audio formats. Black Player support for Android and iOS OS.

  1. Double Twist Music.

Doubletwist Music has a free version as well as a premium version for you to use. For the free version, this application still offers a variety of standard features to use. There are even add-on services offered by the developer.

  1. Musicolet.

This application offers a song lyrics feature that makes it easier for users to enjoy songs together. This application also has a small widget to make it easier for you to play music via the homescreen. There is also a sleep feature offered by the developer. Even cooler this application has a feature for editing the song that is playing.

  1. Media Monkey.

The Media Monkey app is a music player app that features Podcasts, Audiobooks, and a video player. This application has the ability to connect songs from a computer device to a cellphone only via WiFi. This application also has a sleep feature so that the application does not play songs continuously.

  1. Auto Music.

You can change the existing theme in the Oto Music application. In addition, this application has a small size of only 4Mb. So this application feels very light on your Android phone. In addition, this application also supports Android Auto and Chromecast.

  1. Poweramp.

Poweramp is an offline music player application that is often used by Android users. This application has a variety of interesting features that you can use. Such as equalizer, widgets, lyrics, and much more. There are also several themes that can be applied to Poweramp according to your wishes.

  1. Pulsars.

There are various audio file formats that can be played through the Pulsar application. In addition to MP3 files, there are audio formats with AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, and many more. Pulsar also supports Chromecast and Android Auto. Even the interface offered by the developer is quite simple. Plus there is a sleep feature that can be set by the user.

  1. Music Player No Ads.

The Music Player No Ads application offers convenience for you to enter various playlists of songs. In addition, the appearance of this application is also quite good and comfortable to see at night or during the day. The size is also only 5MB, so it feels very light to install on your Android phone.

  1. Phonograph.

Phonograph is a fairly light application to use. Not only that, this application also has a simple interface system. The Phonograph is also equipped with cool UI technology sophistication. You will also find it easier to add a playlist of songs in this application.